Sailing camps for kids and teenagers in beautiful Brittany

Golfe du Morbihan
A protected inner sea is an ideal playground to learn sailing and enjoy a holiday with new friends.

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The "Golfe du Morbihan" is renowned worldwide as one of the most beautiful places to sail. This inner sea encompasses nearly 300 islands, protected from the roughness of the Atlantic ocean. It creates a fantastic playground for sailors of all levels. Our dedicated, state-certified instructors put safety as the main priority. Jeunesse et Marine provides all the safety and comfort gear needed: life jackets, wet suits, etc.

Jeunesse et Marine has over sixty years of experience organizing sailing camps for the youth. If sailing is one of the main activities, your children will also learn much more during their stay. Jeunesse et Marine focuses not only on sailing classes but also provides an immersive French language experience. Your children will participate in varied activities. They will benefit from a group experience, participating in every aspect of the program, from some of the chores to the evening events. Living together is a great part of the experience!

Jeunesse et Marine offers different types of sailing experiences:

Leisure Sailing:

Leisure sailing   New to sailing? Want to enjoy the vistas? This is the way to start sailing on the different types of boats operated by Jeunesse et Marine: sailing as a crew, beginner catamarans, traditional boats.

Adventure Sailing:

Adventure sailing   Experience sailing and camping together. After a day of sailing, choose the ideal island, pitch the tent on the beach, prepare the evening dinner before spending the evening around the campfire. Some of these trips will offer a couple of nights camping, the more adventurous will leave for five nights under the stars (weather permitting!).

Intense Sailing:

Intense sailing   If your kids are more interested in speed, intense sensations and performance, this is the type of more technical sailing that they will enjoy.


Cruises   Want to leave the harbor and the sheltered Golfe du Morbihan? You will learn all the aspects of a sailing cruise, from map reading and planning, harbor manoeuvers, day and night watches. With an experienced skipper on board, you will become a real bluewater sailor.


Windsurf   Want to learn to master a modern windsurf? You will master quickly all the aspects of windsurfing. Advanced and beginner courses available. 


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Our team will talk you through the various possibilities, ensuring that your children benefit from a course fulfilling their wishes. We will be happy to help organize your children's trip and make sure that their holidays are unforgettable! We may not be fully proficient in English, but we'll do our best to help you

Download our full color leaflet - Download our printable leaflet